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About the channel
India Today Group is India’s most trusted and diverse media community which began with India Today magazine in 1975, continues unabated. It has become the proud fourth pillar of this vast democracy, embracing the changes and new technologies.

Today we have over 300 million subscribers, readers, viewers and listeners in various walks of life in the media. It has become a golden symbol of Journalism without compromising on the honesty and editorial excellence of the news. India Today is a measure of excellence in integrity and credibility in all media, including TV, publishing and digital.

We aim for a visual news experience that knows the boundaries and depths of the news. News and stories from the local to the international level will reach the fingertips of the Malayalees

Malayalam India Today offers a wide range of resources including columns from eminent writers. Malayalees have a very close relationship with India Today. We remember that sacred connection was claimed by the media persons who preceded us and by the Malayalees who cherished the ideas they shared.