Discover why so many companies trust in Addigy to help them grow their top line revenue, margins, differentiate themselves, and provide a higher level of service.

Addigy is a small, privately funded organization. That being said, Addigy is also a thriving, healthily growing, and cash flow positive business. By focusing their efforts and offerings toward an untapped market, Addigy has been able to both create and maintain its success. “We want to educate you on why these asset classes are so important to an MSP” says Addigy’s CEO, Jason Dettbarn.

Most of the expert team found at Addigy today originally comes from Kaseya. From original engineering, to sales, to managing sales operations worldwide – the team at Addigy knows the space extraordinarily well. What top MSPs focus on, how they grow their margins, and specifically, at Addigy, how to help make this happen are all among expertise.