In This Video We Will Learn How To Fix Discord Installation Has Failed Error

7 Zip Link:
Discord Link :


1- Right Click On Taskbar
2- Click On Task Manager
3- Close All The Discord Process Running In The Background
4- Right Click On Discord
5- Click On End Task
6- Make Sure TO End All The Discord Process Running In The Background
7- Click On Close
8- Click On Start
9- Click On Settings
10- Click On Apps
11- Search Discord
12- Click On Discord
13- Click On Uninstall
14- Click On Uninstall
15- Click On Close
16- Click On Start
17- Search Run
18- Click On Run
19- Type %appdata%
20- Click On Ok
21- Right Click On Discord
22- Click On Delete
23- Click On Close
24- Open Browser
25- Search Discord
26- Click On Download
27- Click On Download For Windows
28- Open Downloaded File
29- DONE


1- Right Click On This Pc
2- Click On Properties
3- Find Your System Type. My System Type Is 64 Bit As You Can See
4- Click On Close
5- Open Browser
6- Search 7 Zip
7- Click On Download
8- My System Type Is 64 Bit
Download According To Your System Type
9- Open Downloaded File
10- Click On Install
11- Click On Close
12- Click On Close
13- Right Click On Discord Setup
14- Click On 7 Zip
15- Click On Extract To DiscordSetup
16- You Can See The File Is Extracted Here
17- Open This PC
18- Open C Drive
19- Click On Minimize
20- Right Click On Extracted Folder
21- Click On Copy
22- Right Click Anywhere In The C Drive
23- Click On Paste
24- Open DiscordSetup
25- Right Click On Discord-1.0.9007
26- Click On 7 Zip
27- Click On Extract To Discord 1.0.9007
28- Open Discord 1.0.9007 Folder
29- Open Lib
30- Open Net45
31- Right Click On Discord
32- Click On Send To
33- Click On Deskto(Create Shortcut)
34- Click On Close
35- Open Discord
36- DONE

Discord is a social platform for VoIP and instant messaging. In private conversations or as a part of “servers,” which are communities with persistent chat rooms and voice channels that may be accessed via invite links, users can connect via voice calls, video calls, text messages, media, and files. Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, and web browsers are all supported by Discord. More than 350 million people have signed up for the programme as of 2021, and more than 150 million people utilise it every month.

Discord is accessible on almost all current OS systems. Discord is compatible with Windows computers running Windows 7 or later. Discord will work on Macs running MacOS 10.11 or later. Discord is accessible on Ubuntu and a number of other Linux distributions, and you can download it on the majority of current smartphones as well.

Due to Discord’s immense popularity, I predict that it will continue to function on new OS systems for at least another ten years. It triumphed over other audio communication programmes (such as Curse, Teamspeak, Skype, etc.) due to its reputation and server capabilities.

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