Our LiveCasts make an impressive return with a cast of heavyweights in identity and a mix of timely topics.

This session features the following three exciting segments packed rich with the kind of informative insights you have come to know and trust from our LiveCasts:

00:00 Introduction

10:13 S1: To-The-Point: An insightful look into Togo’s digital transformation journey with the Honourable Cina Lawson, Minister of Digital Economy and Transformation.

1:00:27 S2: Business Models for Identity Authorities: A fascinating and practical look at 4 major Identity Authorities (NIMC – Nigeria, UIDAI – India, NIA – Ghana & NADRA – Pakistan) to understand how they operate- business models, services, challenges, and much more!

2:03:20 S3: i-On-Ethiopia: An interactive and timely update on one of the most ambitious identity projects currently underway in Africa.