My name’s Frank Deegan. I worked for corporate irrigation, commercial and residential based irrigation company in the concrete act in area. So we found, the need for technology to help collaborate with our technicians in the field, and also vice versa with our office staff that allows us to do things at a faster rate, as opposed to making phone calls back and forth.

Now we have the ability. The video communicate in the field. We have data that we can transmit in the field. Guys can find files and folders that are useful to the job. At hand, before it management solutions, we had a simple network that was self-managed using standard off the shelf. Antivirus technology.

After IT Management Solutions came in, they had a bunch of recommendations for us to upgrade our network and cyber security, giving us peace of mind so we could focus away from the. Management and focus on our business, growing our business, not having cybersecurity in place or it management solutions watching over our network would be detrimental to our business.

We wouldn’t be able to focus on what we need to do to service our customers on a daily basis. We wouldn’t be able to contact our guys in the field. We rely so much on interoffice communications that any kind of hiccup in our, in our network. Shut us down, having IT Management Solutions gives us peace of mind to go about our daily business and not worry about it.

During the pandemic, most people working remotely, we found ourselves working remotely too. Occasionally there were hiccups in the network and we needed to contact it management solutions with emergency, do able to keep our business up and running with off hours, phone calls, we were able to have it management solutions, fix our network and get us back up and running.

With minimal downtime. One of the things we really like about working with IP management solutions is they’re from. They’re usually responsive and some of us even have personal relationships or a go-to person that we like to contact on a frequent basis. And we’re not just talking to a computer or somebody that doesn’t really care about our business.

I would highly recommend it management solutions to talk with them and learn how they can secure their own network. If they are a small business that needs to be able to grow and, um, operate with, uh, the same peace of mind that we have.