This video describes the case study of a frozen food business that needed managed services so they hired US.

Suzy owns and runs a frozen food business, with almost 150 employees in the company.

Market of Frozen Goods Corporation expanded its branch to the other cities , resulting to increase in productivity and workload. Pressure to improve productivity and service was pressing the need of new applications and upgraded technologies.

The more dependency on technology,

She was always concerned.

What if network crashes, if system goes down, she will need network experts to maintain it

There should be a proactive approach.

She can’t focus on her business cores…

One day, Suzy discussed her problem with her friend Alan. Alan recommended AA NetConsult’s Managed Services. Suzy opted for AA NetConsult managed Services.

By understanding her business needs and requirements, AA NetConsult offered her with the best proactive solutions for her IT with Managed Services.  They did Consultancy for cost efficiency, scheduled maintenance, 24/7 support, software upgrading and continuous monitoring in line to her business. Suzy was able to concentrate on her business, whereas, AA NetConsult was taking care of business’s IT. Resulting the business to grow, increased profits, reduced business disruption, making technology work for her business.

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