OITVOIP Partner First Webinar: Trends in Managed Services featuring CompTIA.

Managed services hasn’t been the new kid on the block in terms of business models in a long time, but it’s staying power and value to a broad swath of those in the business of technology cannot be denied. MSPs are at an interesting time too in their evolution. The era of cloud has both frustrated MSPs and fueled new growth opportunities. Emerging technologies such as internet of things, AI, and even drones are providing new potential revenue streams for MSPs that learn to harness those technologies. Challenges exist as well, from security threats to MSPs themselves to ongoing concerns about commoditization and margin erosion. In this webinar, CompTIA details findings and trends happening across the managed services landscape today.

Take advantage of the opportunity and be sure to join us on this insightful webinar hosted by Ray Orsini | CEO of OITVOIP and Carolyn April | Senior Director of Industry Analysis at CompTIA to learn more about current Trends in Managed Services. The event will be hosted live on Nov 18th at 1:00 pm EST on our OITVOIP YouTube Channel and Facebook Page. Be sure to follow us and subscribe to not miss out on this valuable presentation.

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