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With the struggle to find the right talent and attrition at an all-time high across the globe, the contingent workforce is emerging as the next frontier for disruption and innovation.

The thriving market is driving contingent staffing providers to migrate toward a managed services engagement model. This presents undeniable advantages, such as greater business certainty for staffing firms and opportunities for enterprises to attain high-quality outcomes at low-risk levels with minimal management oversight.

Join this on-demand webinar as our speakers dive into the factors driving this shift, expected challenges and opportunities, and insights into the journey towards diversification into the managed services space.

The on-demand webinar will answer key questions, including:
– Why should staffing providers diversify into the managed services space?
– What are the advantages vs. the challenges?
– What are the key considerations, potential risks, and pitfalls of a managed services model?
– What are the learnings from those who have successfully diversified into the managed services space?