Looking to upgrade your business phone system to something more flexible and packed with features? You may want to consider a cloud phone system.

Moving to the cloud is the best way to modernize your small business phone system. It allows you to ditch your physical PBX and see immediate cost-savings on your monthly phone bill.

Cloud phone systems are also flexible. If you have a remote or distributed team, they can access the phone system via mobile or desktop app, like Nextiva.

Cloud phone features like auto-attendant and call flow builder allow you to provide a better support experience for your customers. Features like team chat and video conferencing allow you to provide a more collaborative environment for your team. It’s a win-win when upgrading your small business phone system.

Here are 10 easy-to-follow steps are setting up your small business phone system:
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Take your small business phone system to the next level with Nextiva:
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Our business phone plans are cost-effective and grow with you:

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