(9/30/22) The Bond Market is in the biggest bear mode in history; Lance and Michael discuss the role of Bonds as investors struggle with loss of ability to manage risk. What is a Bond? What is a Coupon? The difference between equities & bonds is in the return of principal. Why Buy Bonds; how is the rate calculated? What is the real yield? The lower risk in bonds: no loss of principal. The Fed is manufacturing recession.

0:17 – Solutions for the Loss of Ability to Manage Risk
3:16 – The Basics: What is a Bond & How Does it Work?
6:50 – Coupons & Yields
8:30 – The Biggest Bond Bear Market. Ever.
9:18 – The Huge Difference Between Stocks & Bonds
10:30 – Bond Yields & The Price of Money
11:37 – Why Buy Bonds?
13:55 – The Historic Correlation Between Inflation, Economic Growth, and Interest Rates
15:27 – Why Michael Should Charge Lance More Interest (and how that all works)
17:30 – Great Expectations about Inflation
19:08 – The Real Deal about Real Yields
22:30 – Bonds Provide Lower Volatility Assets to Portfolios
24:43 – Where Should You Be Invested in the Event of Recession?
27:55 – What to do When the Fed is Manufacturing Recession
31:20 – The Flip-floppin’ Fed

Hosted by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts, CIO, w Portfolio Manager, Michael Lebowitz, CFA
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
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