Cut through the noise. Leverage threat-hunting services and respond to threats once they are discovered. This is what MDR (Managed Detection & Response) can do for your business.

Chad Roesle, Director of Product Management for Services, Channel, Community, and Support at Secureworks, joins us to talk about the challenges an MDR service can solve, the top five things you should consider before getting an MDR service, maximizing its value, and questions to ask prospective MDR providers.

Tune in to the full episode — Top 5 Considerations For MDR with Chad Roesle, Secureworks

What You Will Discover:

️ What to know before getting MDR (Managed Detection & Response). These considerations are tech-based and also people-based. Carefully evaluate the service’s visibility, effective detection, customer response, expertise, and partnership.

️ Know what you want to accomplish upfront. Maximize the value of your MDR service by identifying your goals and the problems you want to solve and communicating them with your provider.

️ Be sure to ask questions. Some of the key questions to ask from your provider are the systems they can integrate with, which ones they don’t support, and their customer response processes so you’ll know how to collaborate with them when issues arise.

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