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Sip Trunking – Unlimited Multimedia Resources. Capacity of the lines. The capacity of the line gives you an ability to carry a multiple channels (as internal or external), any one time. Required extra hardware It does not require any extra hardware or direct connection to the public network, because everything you need is a phone and internet. That’s how you can save money but not spend, at all. Be in touch You’ll be in touch with your customers and their needs easily, as SIP Trunking is a unified service that means the quality communication all around the country with no connection fees. Carried This service is carried out by connecting a PBX server to the Internet, then the signal transfers from any mobile or traditional phone up to your on-site server, right away. SIP Trunking This function is a key to unlimited multimedia resources via internet for your customers. It’s based on an Onsite PBX and gives your office an ability to get free calls and add dozens of channels, immediately. As a result, your company will have a flexible phone system as well as high-quality customer service. SIP Trunking works through an On-Premise PBX server and an internet connection. While you’re getting the enjoyment out of an unlimited phone calling platform, 1Voice takes care of all the security, number porting and optimal call settings in the background. Call us at 561-464-3404.