Between progress and rapid change, IT does not wait. This is why IT service providers have an interest in evolving their business, or else they will lose credibility. An MSP is the technology partner of today’s SME. It proactively manages its customers’ IT assets remotely. An MSP must provide solutions to help its customers achieve their goals. An MSP understands cloud computing and how to deploy it effectively to deliver maximum value to SMEs. The MSP is there to offer a complete and above all proactive solution to its customers. This is also known as outsourcing. In this way, the MSP anticipates breakdowns and reacts before having to troubleshoot. Your requests and possible problems are anticipated. You are satisfied. The MSP contract ensures that your IT management is under control with a fixed and regular budget. Your profitability is optimised because you deploy fewer in-house resources with the same efficiency. Finally, you benefit from more time to focus on your core business. Goodbye time-consuming tasks! The evolution of a traditional service towards a “managed” service, also called outsourcing, is essential to ensure the IT sustainability of your SME.